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Innovation Laboratories to ensure the quality of vocational education

Good Practice Guide expanded by new descriptions and examples of i-lab applications in new language versions

An original version of the Guide (issue I) was developed and published in 2008 by the Partnership of the Leonardo da Vinci Project Competence Development Program for Innovation Laboratories. That project aimed at development of practice and promotion of the i-Lab use in Europe. Under the project, there were developed three innovation laboratories operating to this day (in Poland, Turkey and Romania). Selected outcomes of this project (i.a. Innovation Laboratory – Guide to Good Practice) constitute an element of transfer in the project, which is the subject of this report.

Under the project, the issue I of the Guide included update of the content concerning principles and guidelines of designing innovation laboratories, as well as the moderator’s role and tasks was developed. The section IT technologies supporting the innovation laboratory’s work was extended with a description of the VBS software developed under the i-Lab2 project. The information about the completed i-Lab2 project were published. The section Case studies of the use of innovation laboratories was extended with descriptions of sessions executed under the project – nine sessions in all. Moreover, a description of brainstorming as a basic method applied in an innovation laboratory was added. An attachment, including the detailed data concerning selected innovation laboratories, was updated and extended.

Innovation Laboratories – Good Practice Guide in English

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